Thursday, 1 May 2014

Never mind the Podleys, here's a video!

At the beginning of April I got hold of a VEHO MUVI action camera, with the aim of filming some of the sessions. I foolishly thought that it would help me cope with the ever increasing amount of catch reports , cutting down time, but here I am writing about it as well!
At the beginning of April I managed to get a couple of sessions in back at St Abbs.On the first session we were both using our LRF gear and various tactics, dropshot, jig head rig and small metals. I had bastardised a dropshot rig replacing the weight with a 5g Xesta after burner mini jig, and an Ecogear Aqua straw tail lure on the dropshot hook.This teaser lure proved to be irresistible to the hoards of coalies and it was very hard to drag myself away. I have really missed them even though they are small they attack lures and fight like little demons. I wished I had got the first cast in though as Ritchie beat me to it landing a nice Jumbo coalie.It was hectic sport and brilliant to be getting hit every cast agin, even if it was freezing!

Gear used-
Rod :GraphiteLeader Corto EX 7'9" 0.5-8gram Tubular tipped.
Reel :Shimano Technium 3000
Line :Pontoon Exteer braid PE. 1
Leader :6lb Greylon Fluorocarbon

The next session was much harder, I think I managed about 6 fish but they were all better sized. Ritchie drew a very rare blank and it just goes to show how hit and miss it can be early in the year.

The videos will get better as I get used to the camera and editing software, thanks for watching.
Tight Lines


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    1. Thanks Neil, early days with the whole idea but I hope to make them a regular thing!

  2. Great vids Jake and the sound track is spot on, youre like rock stars! ;)

    1. Hahah Cheers Stewart, surley you mean Light Rock stars :)

  3. Great videos Jake, look forward to watching more in the future