Friday, 25 April 2014

Hard to spot a two spot.

Here's an easy report to make ,all be it from a few weeks ago!
I popped down to corkwing corner hoping to search it out for pollock and codling. I thrashed the area with a variety of lures but there were no larger fish on the prowl. After a couple of hours I decided to have a scout about the rockpools to see what I could find.

The first thing I noticed was how they had changed since the storms,large car sized boulders now covered what were once deep pools. I rigged up a #12 -1 gram jighead with a section of EcogearAqua  Aji straight and began to search around the boulders. Normally I would have expected Long spined sea scorpions and blennies but the pools were barren. As I worked my way along the shore I found a deep pool and my eye was quickly drawn to a uniform line of diamond shapes on the sea bed. It looked like it could be a goby of some sort all be it about 3" long. I was curios as to what it was so I rigged a #22 hook New Zealand dropper style  with another tiny sliver of the Aji straight and let it flutter enticingly down towards the fish.
The fish caught sight of it and scooted away under the rock!
Not put off I persisted in jigging it around the boulder, sure enough the fish came out again 20 minutes later and pounced on the twitching sliver.
I quickly swung it to hand and was surprised to see it was a huge two spotted goby, with stunning pronounced markings.

The pretty diamond markings were so uniform that the fish stuck out like a sore thumb!

Most certainly my biggest two spot so far and the most colourful.

I grabbed a picture ,released the fish and continued making my way along the stretch of rocky fore shore. No more fish made an appearance and I wandered back to the car thoroughly hating winter!
Ahh well at least its spring now and the fishing will most certainly pick up.
Tight Lines

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