Thursday, 23 May 2013

Spring smolt.

The other day I had forty five minutes free before tea time so I bolted off down to the Water of Leith in order to get a quick fishing fix. It was sunny and warm and the river was running very clear. As I made my way down to fish my two favourite pools it was hard to believe I was in the middle of the city. All the hustle and bustle of city life melted away to the sound of running water and my eyes were soothed with the fresh green of spring.

I rigged up my LRF gear with a Ecogear 1.4g Shirasu Fine jig head and rigged a Gulp! 1" Minnow. I have taken to nipping the head off the gulp minnows as I find it looks a lot better on the jig head, plus it also has the bonus of making the lure a little shorter which can help prevent the fish just nipping the tail without getting hooked. I began to work the pools casting across current and letting the lure swing round whilst slowly twching the lure back. It only took a few casts before a small trout grabbed the lure. The trout instantly thrashed on the surface and threw the hook while I was fumbling with the drag reminding me to make sure it was set before I started to fish!

After all the freezing weather, at last some sunshine!

I worked my way down the pool but that was the only action from this small stretch of the river. Onto the next pool and using the same retrieve technique I began to work my lure down. I had probably only gone a couple of yards down when another little trout chased the lure into the margins before turning back to the main current. Double checking that my drag was set I cast again and this time the trout intercepted the lure and grabbed hold. It was small and cavorted madly on the surface before I quickly hoisted it up to my out stretched hand.

This tiny trout couldn't resist my Gulp! 1" Minnow.

The trout in fact turned out to be a little sea trout smolt, the smallest I have ever caught, but a fish is a fish and I was really pleased to catch it! I slipped the little thing back wondering if it was going to head back to sea or stay and become a proper Water of Leith brownie. Time was up at that point and I had to get back for tea but I left feeling pretty chuffed with myself as I do love these little short sessions, especially when they throw up unusual fish!

Tight lines, Schogsky.

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