Thursday, 24 July 2014

An LRF catch up.

 Hi Folks, In an effort to catch up with the catch reports this one will be minimal writing, maximum pictures!
First off a couple of harbour sessions with Ritchie where we caught the usual suspects, I pretty much  used the same dropshot rig and techniques as I always do.  Gulp sandworm  was the lure of choice and they were rigged on my standard drop shot rig.

My "Standard" dropshot rig

Nice big Long Spined Sea Scorpion

This was the biggest flattie of the session

Even the smaller ones can scrap well!

This little rock piglet was the first Ballan we had seen this year!

We had a good few flatties between us but Ritchie also winkled out the first Ballans of the year and yes I was jealous!

Next session  we hooked up with Rory  who is more used to fishing for big bass in the Menai straits but he was up for sampling some LRF. We hit the open sea with the light gear and it was pollack central! Most fish fell to LRF gear and there were some good sized fish  from 2 to 4lb and there was a silly amount of them too. Very few Coalfish though which is unusual for this part of the coast.

Pollack on LRF gear is superb sport!

They just kept coming too!

 Rory and myself were busy looking for codling amongst the ceaseless pollack onslaught, whilst Ritchie had gone to explore a gulley. Ritchie came back to say he had lost a nice wrasse so I went back with him and fished the same area. Dropshotted gulp sandworm was the lure of choice and I flicked it out into the kelp forest. I worked the lure back through the kelp jigging and hopping it across the bottom all the  time shaking the rod. I felt the peck, peck of a wrasse and I dropped the rod tip towards the fish striking as the line went from slack to taught. I quickly bullied the fish above kelp them held it. The fish tried its best to dive but the powerful curve in the rod sapped its strength and soon it was sliding into the net waving its red pectoral fins at me.
Superb, I truly find wrasse fascinating and I was over the moon to get off the mark for 2014.

Yeah! My first Ballan of 2014!

What a brilliant session, the action was non stop and the lighter gear produced the biggest fish which is just the way I like it!
Tight Lines


  1. Great catches! You have some really cool fish over there.

  2. What a fantastic blog, i wish i had found this sooner. I am looking around for a LRF outfit at the moment as a change to chucking huge jerks for Pike. I have just moved to South Queensferry, and although not sure how much people fish around the area thought id best give it a go. Do you have any experience of how productive the area is at all?

    1. Thanks Harry, glad you like the blog. I have fished a wee bit around S. Queensferry but mainly for sea trout and I have seen some good sized fish. LRF gear usually does well for me for sea trout working mini jigs and small soft plastics in the top 5ft of water does for them. There should be plenty of flounder to be had too as well as the omnipresent coalies. I would get out and get a wee explore with your LRF gear you could very well be surprised at what you turn up!

    2. Brilliant, thanks Jake. I'm inspired now! Going to get my gear together and go and explore. Will let you guys know how i get on. thanks again.