Thursday, 26 June 2014

Good news!

Hi folks , I am really pleased to announce that I have joined the Tronixpro team, pleased is an understatement, in fact I am over the moon about it!
Here is the press release they sent out.
Tronixpro Blog
 I see this as a great opportunity to get out and test , use and develop products to suit our own British species and I will hopefully be able to show the fruits of this partnership on the blog!
Not much will change with the blog just now, all though there will be some news on that front soon I hope!

I have a few reports I am currently writing and the last couple of weeks have been very busy, with fishing and work. However I hope to get caught up and get them published before the beginning of the Cornish Lure Festival!
I had better get on with it!
Tight Lines

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  1. Great news Jake, congratulations! I've just got interested in LRF and love your blog. Thanks!