Wednesday, 5 March 2014

2014 Ready, Steady, Blenny!

Mid way through January time off work and a break in the weather finally coincided and after weeks of no fishing I grabbed the opportunity with both rods. I gave Ritchie a ring and arranged to meet to up as he was equally keen to get out.
I blatted down the A1 full of hope and excitement, it had been ages since I was able to fish and I couldn't wait to get to the sea. I knew conditions weren't ideal for the mark with a neap tide but the surf forecast had at least said the sea would be flat.
On arrival I feverishly scrabbled my Bass and LRF gear together and set off down to the shore.
As I got closer It became apparent that the surf forecast was wrong as there was a huge rolling swell smashing over the reef. This, coupled with the horrible grey cloudy water, meant that I was on a loser from the off. I fished all around the normal areas but after 2 or 3 hours of nothing I switched my attentions to the gulleys and rockpools with predictable results.

Blennys, blennys and more blennys.

Up close blennys can be quite colourful
Gulp Sandworm and a #8 Shirasu jighead caught blenny...
after blenny...

Ritchie too had also succumbed to the temptation and enjoyed teasing the little blighters into attack mode. We messed about for another 1/2 hour before calling it a day and we trudged rather disconsolately back to the car.
The blennys provided some much needed light relief and they seem to be my traditional first fish of the year, although I was really hoping for something silver and spiky. Still its good to be back out and I hope that the next time I hit the mark I can combine a better tide with some better weather and find those bass again.
Tight Lines

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