Saturday, 1 June 2013

Too little time, two little fish.

During the last week or so I have managed to get out for a couple of very short sessions on the Water of Leith. Using my LRF gear I have been hitting some of last years productive pools. There are fish present but they seem to be very small compared to last year however it bodes well for the future as there does seem to be a lot of these small trout about!

On the first session I managed to land one and lose another on a pink Glittery Ecogear Grassminnow, mounted on a 1.4g #10 Ecogear Shirasu Fine jighead.

Tiny but fun, especially when you can only fish for  about thirty minutes!

The next quick raid on the river resulted in two lost and one landed, again on the same lure, and thoroughly good fun for another session only lasting half an hour or so!

A little bit bigger than the first one, it couldn't resist my Grass Minnow either!

Although the fish are not big they are quite active at least and I suppose it will just be a question of searching till I eventually find some bigger ones!

Tight Lines, Schogsky.

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