Thursday, 4 October 2012

A golden half hour.

Last weekend, as I was passing, I popped into Mikes Tackle Shop in Portobello. I was pleasantly suprised to find Mike was stocking Ecogear Pocket In kits. These comprise of a high quality lure box, jigheads and a selection of fantastic little LRF lures. Anyway I couldn't resist buying one which contained some pink glittery minnows and grass minnows, as well as some shirasu jigheads.

Great value little pocket sized LRF kits available in three different variations.

I specifically got them for fishing for trout in peaty water as I have found pink lures really come into their own in these conditions. I was unable to contain my excitement and just had to go play with them. I managed to get a half  hour break from fatherly duties and quickly bolted off down to the Water of Leith. As I only had such a short amount of time I could only fish a 100 yrd stretch containing three pools. I was using my LRF gear comprising of a 7'9" Graphiteleader Corto EX 0.6-8g rod, Shimano Technium 3000SFC reel, 6lb Sunline Super PE braid, 6lb flurocarbon leader and a 1.2g shirasu jighead on which I mounted a pink glittery Grasss Minnow SS.

First stop, the "Cooker Pool". I began to cast across and slightly downstream allowing the lure to swing around in the current, before twitching it slowly back up stream. I worked my way down the pool and about half way down a small trout grabbed the lure as it was being worked back upstream. Unfortunately I didn't react quickly enough at first thinking it was a snag, and the wee trout threw the hooks.I carried on fishing the pool down but there were no further bites.

Next stop, the "Overhanging Tree Pool". I scrambled down a wall and crouched under the bridge, this pool requires stealth as you have to get very close to the water to reach the fish. I began to work my way down the pool on my knees so as to keep out of sight. I cast using the same tactics as before. I had only gone about twelve feet down the pool when I saw gold flashes around my lure. One flash looked like a good sized trout as it slashed but missed. I kept retrieving as the lure swung into the shallow margins. I could see the lure working its way back towards me and I could also see a smaller brownie in hot pursuit. Contrary to my instincts I sped up the retrieve a bit and this spurred the trout to dash forward and seize the lure. I struck and hooked the fish which darted off in the current, I played it gently to my hand and was very pleased to land another lovely Water of Leith brown trout. I quickly unhooked it and took a couple of pics before releasing it, not a big fish being only about 9" but fun none the less!

The "Pocket In" kit was all I needed for brown trout action, with a pink Grass Minnow SS taking this one.

Final stop, the "Pool Below the Overhanging Tree Pool". This pool was again approached in the same cautious manner. Again casting across the current and allowing the lure to swing round, before retrieving slowly back upstream. After a couple of casts I hit a snag on the other side, I manged to free the lure which hopped back towards me into a fast run. A couple of turns of the reel handle got me back in touch with the lure, where upon it was seized by another trout. Another fun fight ensued in the fast current and I landed my second trout! Another nice brownie of about 10", which was quickly unhooked and released. My half hour was up and I had to head back home, but it was great to get out and catch a couple of trout on my new lures. Even though the lures are designed for fishing in salt water I have found that there are many freshwater species that love them as well, especially trout! The trout season is now over on the Water of Leith and its been a great fun with lots of really nice brownies caught and all of them released. It has also been a great bolthole when the sea has been too rough or I only have an hour to spare to fish. I hope to turn my freshwater fishing more towards perch and pike now and I know the perch will love these pink lures too!

Tight lines, Schogsky.


  1. Nice fish Jake, It's amazing how well these lures work! Do you think the amino acid additives play a part on there success in the case of flatties and wrasse or is it something else?


  2. Thanks Col!
    In a word, yes! In my experience they really do have an impact especially if a fish mouths the bait a bit before biting fully. I have found that wrasse usually make a couple of little bites as if testing the lure is edible or not and flounder take a couple of bites before they get the lure into their mouths.I think the additives make them feel more confident that the lure is food and they will take it into there mouths and hang on that bit longer than a standard soft plastic.
    Plus I also have alot of confidence when using them so I will fish them for longer as I have the belief they work!
    Be interested if you have had similar experiences?

  3. Hi jake , ive not used any of these scented lures yet, i think i'll give it a shot next year, is there any liquid flavourings available to squirt on lures or even flies, was thinking a few lead heads on the fly rod would be effective for flatties and maybe a few other species?

  4. Hi Col,give them a go they really have done the business for me!
    As for scents then I have been using some Atlas Mikes sardine scent From AGM Discount fishing, ( check the "where we get our gear" list.)
    They also have some other scents by Pro Cure, I think these will add extra attraction to flies. It can really make a difference. You can also get Berkley Gulp! attractant spray I haven't used this myself but gulp baits do work very well for me, especially for flatties!

  5. Thanks Jake thats really appreciated! a lot to think about for next year!