Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sunday bass session.

On Sunday we headed down into East Lothian to try for bass. The wind had switched to the west which meant much calmer seas to fish! We had planned on meeting some friends and fellow The Lure Forum members at the mark. When we arrived we met up with Martin Allison, who had already caught a couple of bass on a soft plastic lure. After saying hello Scott and I both rigged up with 4.5" Slug-Gos in Arkansas Shiner mounted on 10.5g 2/0 AGM Football jigheads. As on our previous sessions we cast cross current and allowed the lure to trickle back along the bottom with a gentle retrieve. The action was fast and furious, Martin had just landed another bass when I felt the familiar taps of an interested fish. I resisted the urge to strike and allowed the bite to develop. Tap, tap whack! Fish on, and my first bass of the session was soon landed after a fun fight in the current!

The first of many.

Meanwhile Scott had switched to a bombardo and small white eel setup and quickly hooked up and landed a bass and the action kept on going with a steady stream of schoolies flinging themselves at the lures. The bigger fish were proving elusive but I kept with the Slug-Go, even though it meant I was getting fewer fish, in the hope I could winkle out one of the bigger bass. Scott meanwhile was enjoying the action and was now trying 3" Slug-Gos fished on the bombarda with great effect. A few more fish fell to that and then when the action slowed down he switched back to the small eel which had the disired effect, more bass! Meanwhile two more The Lure Forum members, Richie Walton and Paul Mouat had pitched up and were soon landing schoolies too! My friend Richie from Eyemouth also turned up to try for his first bass. After trying some Slug-Gos he rigged up a small 8g metal jig and within a few casts was into his first bass! He was really pleased and landed a further three more before he had to leave. After landing his 14th bass of the session Scott then decided to go after the blennys and it wasn't long before he had caught his 200th blenny of the year.

Blenny #200 of 2012 for Scott.

After catching a couple more fish on the 3.5" Sluggo I then swapped over to my LRF kit and rigged up a 3" Slug-Go on a 2.3g #8 Shirasu Fine jighead. As the bigger fish seemed to be absent I decided to enjoy some fun catching schoolies! They are good sport on the LRF kit, each one giving a good account of themselves in the current. The action continued for another hour before the fish moved off and although we landed nothing larger than 2lb it was great great fun! Can't wait to go back and do it again!

Tight lines, Schogsky.

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