Friday, 25 May 2012

Slug-Go Sunday.

Whilst Scott was away having a great time fishing the coastline of Anglesey last weekend, I planned a trip to the Forth and Clyde canal. This changed when I received a call from our friend and fellow The Lure Forum member, Richie Walton. He was on his way up from Sunderland to target some bass and have a play with his new LRF rod. So it was a quick change of plan and I headed down into East Lothian in the hope of continuing my LRF bass run.

When I arrived at the mark Richie and Jase had already been fishing for an hour but apart from a couple of knocks they had not hooked any fish. The conditions again were far from ideal with a fresh easterly wind and a big surf running which can be pretty hazardous at this mark. I decided to start with my LRF kit and on went a 2.3g #8 Shirasu Fine jighead and small Power Isome. With the tide flooding and the waves rising I took a brief window of opportunity and began to work the Isome in the strong current. Little twitches make the Isome writhe and as I let the lure drift down in the current it soon yielded results. A flash of silver in the waves followed by an aggressive take and it was bass on! Again he used the current to his full advantage making runs with the receding waves, but the combination of a lightly set drag and a soft rod soon curtailed his rather enjoyable wee fight! he was landed and photographed before being released back to the waves.

LRF bass makes a happy angler!

Richie had seen what I was up to and it wasn't long before he was trying the same albeit with different results as he caught blenny after blenny on a section of pink Power Isome mounted on a 1/16oz #10 Decoy Rocket jighead. With the conditions and state of tide I decided on a new approach. I needed to get a bit further out and wanted a deeper working lure, so I rigged up my 9'6" Wright and McGill S-curve spinning rod, Shimano Aernos C3000 spooled with 20lb Sunline Momentum 4x4. On the business end it was on with a 4.5" Slug-Go in Arkansas Shiner and I mounted it on a 10.5gm Football jighead from AGM Discount Tackle. I began casting beyond the breaking waves and letting the lure fall through the water before applying a couple of twitches up whilst retrieving slowly. After five minutes or so ,as the lure was bouncing up a gully Bass number 2 had seized the lure and was quickly landed, photographed and returned.

A bit bigger, this bass fell for a 4.5" Slug-Go in Arkansas Shiner.

I was hoping the Slug-Go would maybe attract a bigger bass and another few casts later, using the same approach, I was into another one! This was a better fish about 2lb tops but energised by the highly oxygenated water he gave a good account of himself on the "heavier" gear.

The largest and final bass of the session, Slug-Go does it again.

He was lightly hooked which made releasing him easy and as he swam away I was feeling rather chuffed to have caught in the tricky conditions. I told Richie and Jase and gave them some Slug-Gos to try. Richie had a couple of bites and lost a fish too. Not long after the tide and waves made fishing too difficult on the reef and after a few more blennies for Richie we called time and headed back to the cars. A short session but an interesting one, I really will have to do some more Slug-Go experiments at this mark next time.

Tight Lines, Schogsky.

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