Monday, 16 April 2012

Sunshine on Leith

Time is at a premium for me at the moment, so in a brief lull between work and more work I found myself with half an hour to spare. Luckily I had my LRF kit in the van so I headed to the Water of Leith. Yesterday while Scott broke his brown trout duck I didn't even manage a bite. I was a bit disappointed as even though I only fished for an hour conditions looked perfect. Today I was determined to winkle out another fish.

I only had time to fish one pool so headed to the spot that was fishing well for Scott the day before. I decided to rig up with a 2.3g #8 Shirasu Fine jighead and a Gulp! 1" Fish Fry in red. This particular pool can't really be approached from downstream so keeping low I crept into position at the head of the pool. I began by casting across stream and slowly reeling whilst twitching the lure across the current. After a couple of casts I moved down stream a yard and repeated the same pattern. On the fifth cast I saw a flash of gold in the sunlight and the tip of the rod hooped over. Fish on! I quickly landed another fine Brown trout and feeling immensely satisfied I released her back into the pool.

Dappled in sunlight with gunmetal hues. Marvelous!
Another beautiful Water of Leith brown trout falls to a lure.

I sat back and took in the sun dappled water and watched a kingfisher fly past before returning back to the van. A perfect 20 minutes. As I headed back I started to whistle this tune...

Who would of thought we could find such peaceful, natural fishing in the centre of Edinburgh? 

Thanks Water of Leith, I'm sorry I doubted you!

Tight Lines, Schogsky.

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